HRIH Investments is all about genius. Genius on how to deliver quality services and products to our clients meeting their and in many cases exceeding their expectations. This genius makes us unique, genuine and first choice for all clients.


Our team is a group of professionals that are highly qualified and experienced in their fields of expertise. We came together as investors and developed the project, products, and services people now have the opportunity to invest in. We are focused on quality, efficiency, value and client satisfaction.


From qualified Financial Managers, Business Accountacts, Financial Accountants to Tax Professionals we are are skilled and experienced to deliver what you need professionally and efficiently. Focused on Professional individuls and SMEs we have developed services and products geared for their operations and growth, yet capable of servicing large companies at any time. 


We deliver essential services and products none of our competitors do. From accounting to Funding acquisition, every service and product we offer is complementary to each to not only be supportive but also comprehensive and unique. Success is or goal and objective and we reach that through innovative, adaptive and supportive managment strategies that ensures efficient, streamlined and quality value added services to all our clients, big or small. With many years worth of experience in the Customer Services environment and Management with international and nationals rewards to prove this, we deliver the best service with quality assurance and effieciency that unmatched yet highly affordable.


As a Virtual Assistant (VA) I am an independent contractor who provides professional services from a remote location. This sounds similar to freelancing, except that I will always work from my (own) home office, rather than bunny-hopping around clients’ workspaces. It’s likely I will never meet you in the flesh.


To break the term up, ‘virtual’ means that I do the work, but I m never physically with you, my client, in your office. And ‘assistant’ is not strictly limited to administrative tasks – it’s a broad term, covering anything from social media and email management to bookkeeping and project management.


The key to any task undertaken by me is that it must be doable from a remote location. Also, I am an assistant to another business or business owner while working for you. Whilst I manage myself and am technically self-employed, I am a company. So what’s entailed within my role is really dependent on who needs assisting.


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