Heridity CyberTokens WhitePaper


Today we find that there are many cryptocurrency ~ fiat currency management companies that offer services for the management, trading / investing and even saving of cryptocurrencies, many of them scams or not even paying as well as they promised with bad performing tokens. What we aim to deliver and improve on is not just another platform with a  promise to improve or deliver services that will increase your invested capital, we aim to explain and illustrate to you the services and offers we have in place to market our mission and vision to you, the prospective client.

The new development of technology has had a massive impact on the financial services industry and has introduced new uses and applications for blockchain and application/product development. Many of you found that a good number of these companies were scams that ran off with the ICO generated funds and never delivered, we, on the other hand, offer a guarantee of authenticity and legal  assurance that the funds we generate will be used 100% to achieve the milestones aimed to deliver the services we are about to explain to you in detail.















As a business, we work hard to guarantee projected future token value (T&Cs apply). The ICO was legally analysed by the South African FSCA and found within the framework of the SARB announced press release on cryptocurrencies and not in contravention of FAIS regulation. If in question request the official document from our offices. We consult the FSCA for information and suggestions regarding our planned project and implementation thereof. We clearly state that the FSCA does not regulate cryptocurrencies, we fall under the regulation of the SARB, we only consult them (the FSCA) for information and do not intend or imply otherwise. In terms of the SARB's statement, Digital Currencies are treated as assets and can, therefore, be used to represent securities/assets if all involved parties are in agreement of the exchange of securities/tokens via a legally binding contract (and for as long as businesses are not in contravention of FAIS regulation). Hence cryptocurrencies such as our cyber assets are simial to other assets such as cars, boats, houses, paintings etc. We ask people to not associate us with Forex, Binary Options or any other fiat currency investment programs as we do not state that on our website or imply it with our advertising. Our business is also continually working with the FSCA to build products and services that are (will be in terms of our fiat, commodity, stocks, bonds etc. based crypto security investments) compliant with the FAIS regulations. We do not deal with fiat currency investments nor do we pay clients any fiat currency dividends. We only pay out the mined/traded cryptocurrencies. We also offer to buy cryptocurrencies from clients, terms and conditions apply.  Nowhere on our website or adverts do we promote fiat currency investments or claim to give advice on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. We supply all relevant information to help clients make clear and well-judged decisions. Clients are urged to contact FAIS compliant businesses for advice on how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Most people do not have enough information or even the means to check whether an ICO is legal or just a scam, we have done everything necessary to ensure you that we are legal with evidence of that should you require it.

We are the only decentralised company in the world who's cyberasset tokens and cyber shares will be traded on crypto exchanges. A company that will do diamond mining, run a cryptocurrency mining node, a cryptocurrency exchange, a cryptocurrency ~ fiat currency bank and essentially a business that will improve the Kimberley Certification Process (Diamonds) by using blockchain. We embarked on the journey of resolving the problem cryptocurrency users have with saving their earnings, business such as mining companies and exchanges have with obtaining bank accounts and/or even withdrawing their funds from their existing bank accounts.

The use and application of new technological opportunities have created new demands and ventures, however, regulatory stipulation and authorisation still remained unresolved, an issue we managed to resolve.

What we (will) offer is a solution to all of these problems, a resolution so definite, no one will want to turn us down and buy or tokens, for what we offer is with more than any other single company has ever generated in a single ICO, not to mention generate in annual returns, thus saying, a token investment that will increase in value that is faster than that of Bitcoin, yet be able to secure its value and not crash as was the case with Bitcoin,  Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, DashCoin and Zcash some of the better known and high return investment options.


Imagine a real change in the banking sector, the consolidation of the two main currencies in the world has never been easier, more legal, or secure that is what we are about to share with you. 

This is the first company in the world whose shares have real buying power. 

Clients can load our cyber asset tokens and cyber shares onto their debit cards and literally spend them like cash at any of the +36 million point of sale worldwide in over 200 countries. This will make us the first truly decentralised company which means that our share price will increase exponentially making our token a commodity that will outperform even major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to name a few. We have truly created a product that serve the client and holder with more benefits than they bargained for and will rapidly become a market leader and benchmark for many companies in the world.

Our team is going to develop AI-driven smart banking platforms that work for you managing your accounts for with the ability to learn as you bank.